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  • Patent Navigation

    Patent navigation, based on the utilization of patent information resources and patent analysis, embeds patent application into industrial technology innovation, product innovation, organizational innovation and business model innovation. It is an exploratory work to guide and support the development of industrial science. The main purpose of patent navigation is to explore and establish a working mechanism that deeply integrates patent information analysis and industrial operation decision-making, highly matches patent creation and industrial innovation capabilities, patent layout effectively guarantees industrial competitive position, and patent value realization effectively supports industrial operation benefits. The collaborative application of patents in the industry will cultivate and form a new model for the development of the patent navigation industry.


    FTO (free to operate), refers to the free implementation of technology implementers without infringing the patent rights of others, sometimes called right to use.

    Patent Stability Analysis

    Similar to the "Patent Right Evaluation Report" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office, it is possible to evaluate whether a patent is easy to be invalidated through a search.